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♥ ikaitlynn ♥: 我在寻找周诗敏,颜玉娴,刘沁宣…… 有谁人知道我可以怎样联络她们吗?

♥ ikaitlynn ♥: 我在寻找周诗敏,颜玉娴,刘沁宣……
: "我在寻找周诗敏,颜玉娴,刘沁宣…… 有谁人知道我可以怎样联络她们吗?"

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Let's drive!

Today is my second day heading to the driving school
First day experience was very exciting and also boring at the same time
Early in the morning I need to wake up
It’s very tiring as I slept late the other night
Too bad for me
F’s mum drove her car to hentian kajang
and fetched me to Bangi Driving School (BDS)
It was very exciting  at first
Then things went bad afterwards
Penceramah has no teeth
He’s old
He talks a lot of crap
And his humor is very terrible
I paid RM X to F
And he helped me settle everything needed to settle
Good people
He speaks really soft
Like a girl
I speak loudly
Not so much of a girl
But, I’m fine with it
 No worries~~
So after the thumby markey
I sat in the 1st row in room B
After that suddenly all of us are called to go over to the other class
Room A
3 aircondsss
1 in front
2 at the back
Ok laaa..
At least got no feng shui wai like Mr. Phoon there
Hehe. Sry Mr. Phoon

Penceramah talk talk talk
Rehat with no lunch time
I ate garlic bread that was prepared as my breakfast
Couldn’t make it to eat
Seems like it was my life saver
The food at BDS’s canteen is not very appetizing
I saw many people buy safe gardenia bread

My first break was saved by the garlic bread,
But what happened on the 2nd break
Is that I went to buy a 100plus which was near it’s expiry date
And I couldn’t have realize it earlier
Anyways, I wasn’t sick

The next day (today)
I will share in a later post
Oyasumi mina-san

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I still like you.
I will never change.
I am still the same.

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I want to go back to the way it was!!!

I miss my spotlight
these few years,
it seems like my spotlight isn't glowing anymore

until today
a technician came and confirmed the problem

very happy with her existence
she say she feels very old to talk to me like that
and she hates that feeling

but when I think again
this doesn't seem like a bad conversation
cuz I will realise how bad am I now
since that she hates it so much
she still tells me
which means I've reach a stage where controlling is much needed

self-control is what I need the most
being long-term over self confident is no good
I made myself feel good
others made me feel bad

I'm thankful that I have these kind of pure hatred people surrounding me
and because of this,
I can stand up faster
realising my mistakes faster

now that I'm thinking far,
when I reach the society,
people will make me feel good, as if!
I will not realise my mistakes as fast as in school
the results and the attitude differs
school is a very pure thinking place
but the society is different
which kinda scares me now

I feel so terrible now
but I'm going to end this feeling within this MONTH
I have faith in myself
than I can fulfill this wish

(recently added into resolution list)

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Today is just not my day

Feeling so depressed now
Can’t really describe it
But some of you might have experienced it before too

Today I faced the worst among the worst!
This morning I planned to wake up at 5.30am
But I snoozed till it was 6.10am
Bryan took shower that time
So I had to wait…
6.15am my turn
Before I go down for breakfast,
I took some money from mum
To pay school stuffs
RM 150, I requested
Seems like I miscounted Pn Lee’s RM 7
Quite sad

At school,
During Scouts meeting
I candidate myself to be the secretary for 2011 Scouts
When our teacher read my name,
I looked to the back
Beautifully, no one voted for me
Not even one!!
I wanted to cry
Because I never had this problem before
Not even my own brother or the people that likes me
So sad
I keep thinking that it’s my own fault
All of these happen because of my attitude
(mum said)
I just can’t seem to find the perfect/logic reason

Then I went up stairs,
While walking up,
Those MPV boys started giving me new nicknames
One of them was …… ( a porn star’s name ) …..
No comment
The worst is this did not happen once,
After recess was when it happened again
I don’t know should I be happy or not
Because the new nickname was also
Another ex classmate of mine’s favourite
How did I know??
This is quite simple,
He introduced me to her with website X

I was curious
I told my brother to Google it
In Google images,
I can see that she looks very much like Malay
Went to website X,
She puts on 1 inch thick make up
And she moans in a very “cute” way
I’m still wondering why will people like him
be interested in this kind of girl?

My day haven’t end
After recess, after I climbed up 3 floors
Then only I recalled that after recess is Physics class
Now I have to go down 2 floors
During class,
I kept saying the same meaning phrases
But a different word from teacher
After class, I went back to my classroom
Ms Elina!!~
Hafizhat told me to go and see Umi downstairs
Very tired ler!
Went all the way down,
Tried on a striking coloured vest
Size 38 doesn’t suit me
I asked Umi if they have larger size
The this boy,
Teased me saying that I’m fat
Nothing to do with my tummy
Having a gifted size is OK!
I’m just different

It’s a very depressing day
I feel like changing school at the moment
Or maybe I just need someone to open my mind

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I am invisible

I am invisible-girl
as I'm not yet a woman's age xD
or at least I fell like I'm invisible

people in this world is so cruel!
God created you & me
aren't we supposed to be the same??

I treated you nice,
then when suddenly I treat you not that nice,
you ignore me totally!

I borrowed you my stuffs, then you lost it,
I didn't make you pay at the end,
but you make me appear like the bad person.

You lost your dad that hit you like a sandbag,
you didn't cry in his funeral
I have a dad which is gonna end his life w/o any notice,
I told you I dun want the death God to take away my dad,
(cuz "someone impt to me" 's gf died, many ppl died that time)
You told me to not say things like that.

I am stupid
I am naive
I even asked my mum if I am important to her
knowing the answ is what I expected, yes

Things didn't go as I expected since form 3
why so?
my own-found/thought reasons
form 3 in morning class is the weakest
the teachers will not let you be president of any society
cruel eh?
so ever since my form 3 life,
I was ignored by tchers and friends,
myb not every single person la

I wasn't under the spotlight during std 1 til 4
It all changed when I reach the age of 11
I transfered to SK
I was the only std 5 Chinese girl
I was smart
Trophies were in my hands
My life started to spark
Spotlights, camera lights were surrounding me
I was pampered with attention
I like that feeling
Actually, I love that feeling

And now that it's lost from me
people around me took all the attention away frm me
I become dull
I don't shine anymore
Sad la of course
w/o knowing what I've done wrong
I've even thought of just wait til my U life comes
cuz by then I get new bunch of friends

Now that I've half awaken from my fantasy,
I have to face it
cuz I know it's either now or never
Wash my face, brush my teeth
Gotta wake myself up!!


If I have ever offended you,
please notice me,
as I dun realise my mistakes made

For those who scolded me,
talked bad abt me,
I want to say thank you to you all
cuz w/o you,
I would never get the chance to get till this position.

I need you to make me a better person.
You may continue talking... =)

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Share something with Bubble Blowers =)

This is a inbox message to my mum. 
a report of my expenses with RM 250 in my hands. 

Kaitlynn Michelle January 4 at 5:40pm
so kakak came down and took all 3 bags to upstairs.
since I was boneless that time, after lunch I took up only my sch bag and a bag of text books. the other one?? I'll just wait for after tuition when I reach home.

FYI, cuz I think you have the rights to know
as I bought........
- the freaking drink RM 3.50
. gonna kill the person who buys that fragile plastic
- graph papers RM 1.80
- pass holder RM 1.00
- pretty name tag, magnetic gehh. and I bought the name Michelle. So that I can use it for places after school. exp laa~ RM 9.00
- tuition feeeeees. RM 50 for the one I owned last year, RM55 for this year's
- 10 lencanaas RM 5
- a water and 100 plus. RM 2
. my water bottle was emptied out
. koperasi haven't start selling food, I'm canteen-phobic
. so i needed something sweet to stop my tummy's frog frm croaking
- bus fees RM 3
- iFeel mag RM 6.50
. and yes, can deduct =/
- class fees + new name tags (3) RM 5 + RM 5

Now this explained why the change was little
hehe ,,>~<,,

I took the rapidKL, which kinda like almost killed me when I realised that I need to cross the road in kajang where the crazy drivers were. Phewww~ I got in to the middle of the ppl crossing (so that when the car bang also they die first, me so cruel xD). Through out the whole my road crossing experience improved. I think by one day I can cross it all by my own. Wish me luck =)

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Last day of holiday

and I literally mean it!!
This is the last and only nov dec holiday in my life
exclude if I join Form 6,
which will be a high chance of a ..... NO

I'm aiming high
and I'm aiming for Matriculation, fyi

Today I cleaned up my creative centers
just fyi, I have 2 creative centers
one is on my book shelf,
3rd rack, on the right side is my creative center
another one is in a red storage box
because those are the places I keep my stuffs
that lets me release my creativity (right brain) to the blast!
idk if you understd me or not..
but nvm
I'm fine with that
I keep like arts and crafts in the red storage box
I just rearranged them this afternoon
I was mumbling to myself during the rearranging session
I pretended to be a Missy who opens a
center called the CREATIVE CENTRE
I pretended that there was a customer
and I treated her nicely and promo my center
I said stuffs like these

"Creative Center provides the best right brain exercise"
"We require a high cost because we provide the best materials for your children"
"Each child that is sent here will have their very own storage box. They can decorate it with anything or any ways they like"
"We will provide another bag for your child to put contest tools inside. And yes, we bring them to competitions, but if you are not satisfied with this, we can always not bring them. The colour of the bag is chosen based on the section in the form."

So after those mumbling,
I went back to my school stuffs,
I realised my Physics testament was incomplete
Clean / empty to be precise
in the end I decided to sit down and do some question
the first question......
I forgot how to do
I was so terrible that I couldn't even complete a question w/o the help of my reference books
talking abt reference books,
I tidied up my book shelf
I have so many reference books that even one full rack was not enough!
I needed to stack some of them horizontally
as they are a bit too tall/ long

I've decided to sleep early today
like..... 9.40pm
so if there is no obstacle,
I will do that =)
and also remember to charge my unnamed phone

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Guess what?

Guess what?!
I've found my new year's resolution =)
So happy
and here's the list

1. Completing copy 2 out of 5 log books
2. Paint my room wall
3. Utilize my whole afternoon with studies/revision
4. Master my katagana and hiragana
5. Be KK's president
6. Stay in Thisle
7. Make a sand castle
8. Get a hard plastic protector cover for my W20 Zylo
9. Download a new theme that is nice for my phone
10. Think of a suitable name for my Zylo
11. Meet Stephinine
12. Take a new picture of Stephinine
13. Get to know new people
14. Find a BF
15. Get my driver's license
16. Swim in Vanice Hill
17. Play ping pong in Vanice Hill
18. Drink 2 bowls of birds' nest
19. Drink 2 bowls of frogs' saliva
20. Wear lab coat in the lab during experiment
21. Take a picture of me in the lab doing experiment with my lab coat on
22. Buy a new set of Buncho Poster Colours
23. Get real close to teachers and help me to enter USM

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