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Recently there has been much craze for macarons. Mum actually bought me a new convection oven to bake them. Although I already have an oven in the first place, I'll explain later why new. So far, I've only been using Ochikeron's Panda Macarons recipe for all of my macarons. Each batch is made with a little alternation done to the recipe for the colouring and flavouring. Ever since I started using the new oven for my macarons, they had all came out awesome, not to mention - with feet. Skirts were developed very recently on my chocolate macarons. I have no idea if it was due to the humid that was trapped by the cocoa powder or I mixed it to the perfect consistency or because I added the sugar twice instead of three times for the meringue. No idea. 

And so, this time, I added liquid food colouring to my meringue for the macarons. Many suggested that liquid food colouring isn't an option because of how macarons hated the moisture. It turned out well, I guess it was a taboo then. I think I added a little too much food colouring that the colour turned out too pretty. Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate flavoured ganache. I made them with my own experimental recipe. Came out nice, so.... hell yeah!


Macarons packaged for CNY
Macarons in a glass
Macarons in a bowl
Mum loved the macarons I made. She even said that mine was actually better than the famous Ladurée. Whoa. Big compliment I just received. Still stunt until today. What more can I ask anyways.

Of course, macarons to perfection doesn't always come from the first try. It was after I started using the new oven that it all came our pretty. The beginning of my macaron diaries looked like this.

First attempt with Nutella
They were all UNDERCOOKED. Even after baking for 30 minutes. This happened, and that's all. No, there was one which started to develop feet. But I wasn't patient enough. Thus, the end. To prove that they were undercooked, I ate one of the macarons after 3 days (which was supposed to be still edible). Gosh, it gave me a tingle on my tongue. A little fizzy. 

Miracle false feet

With the undercooked macarons filled with nutella, my brother suggested that I bring some back to Malacca for my paternal side of the family. It was Chirstmas. That side of my family weren't fond of sweets. So, my macarons didn't receive a very good review from them. Whereas my brother and mum liked the undercooked ones because they were chewy, literally. After my macarons came to perfection, my brother didn't seem to enjoy it that much. Not going back to undercooked ones.

My journey left the jar of Nutella untouched. I bought a second 'Tupperware' of cream cheese SPREAD. In the beginning, when I didn't realise that it was spread, I bought it. When I saw the word spread, I freaked out. Couldn't find any ganache recipes that used cream cheese spread. No choice but to experiment. It turned out well though. Oh well. I guess there aren't much difference taste-wise.

Macaron Recipe :

60g Almond flour
80g Icing sugar
55g Egg whites (two B grade eggs)
50g Granulated sugar

Cream Cheese Ganache Recipe :

15g Unsalted butter
10g Sugar
40g Cream cheese (mine was spread)

1. Cream the butter with sugar.
2. Add cream cheese and whisk until the sugar has dissolved.

1/2 teaspoon of cocoa powder
1 drop of vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon of strawberry black tea by Lipton

The amount of ganache may not be much, but it is just nice for the amount of macarons made using Ochikeron's recipe. In her recipe, it's meant for 10 large macarons. I managed to make 18 ± 2 medium macarons. I still keep the batter slightly undermixed and the macarons slightly overcooked. Make note that the reverse of it is irreversible

I hit my tray of macarons more that 3 times each side to make them flatter, since it is slightly undermixed. Because of that, if they every stick to each other, I can always pipe them again. Overcooked macarons can be reversed after maturing the macarons with ganache overnight. The osmosis process takes over during the wait. Since my home, Malaysia, is hot and humid, I make my macarons in an air conditioned room. This is to keep my environment dry and cool. Trying to imitate France. *giggles*

Anyways, good luck! 

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