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New trend of taking pictures~~

I believe that most of the youngsters
today love taking pictures of themselves
by their own.
I don't reject that, because
I, myself also do the same.
like one of my friends told me,
"Must always be updated"
today, I shall share the pictures
that my whole class is doing now.

After looking at all of these pictures,
the first thing I would like to suggest
is that you too try it out.

p/s: during photo taking session,
there are people standing away from
the camera watching us all doing it.

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Genting 1day trip

yay yay~
I'm going to Genting Highlands on 29th Oct
going with most of the form 3's
that just finished PMR!
I'm looking forward to this day because
>going out as a school trip
>got my GF's along with me
>we go outdoor and play!!

+ + + + + + + + + +

What do people bring to Genting
>lots more

+ + + + + + + + + +

RM70 includes
- breakfast
- lunch
- access to theme park
- bus fees

+ + + + + + + + + +

I told my mum,RM70 ok mieh??
as I have an annual passport to all parks at Genting,
So I suggested that I get a bus on my own,
borrow her cable car card,
I go on my own and then
meet my friends at genting.
But my mum said NO!
Too bad, if go school trip,
no short skirt or shorts,
no make up,
need to wear school tee
(like wearing pyjamas)
ewww~~ I don't want that!!
the bus fare go and come back
will not cost more than RM 25,
cable car fare can save,
then breakfast can eat at home,
eat more lor...
lunch, eat with friends,
also won't cost me more than RM 30 gua,
like that add together only RM 55,
I'm a big girl already,
I can take care of myself.

+ + + + + + + + + + +

I know that my mum
love and care about me,
so, she denied my suggestion.
As she can't go up with me
caused by her busy job.
My grandmother also cannot
accompany me because she needs
to look after the office.
My grand aunty has
went to England to meet her son,
so nobody at office.
Conclusion is that I need to go
with my school batch.
Still fine la,
at least when I fall asleep in
the bus on the way home
got people to wake me up.

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Do not underestimate the power of sugary things!
It may lead you to a bad life.
You might be:-
a thief = you steal candies from your friend
a gambler = you make bets on exam results for candies
a sick person = getting diabetes, obesity....etc
So for those who are in love with candies,
beware of the power of lolipops!!!!!

There is a classmate of mine,
who is really obsessed with lolipops and RM1(cola) candy.
When it comes to birthday presents, no headache!
Just get her candies,
and she will be jumping around
in circles in the class.
This year, I got her a Famous Amous XL lolipop.
I couldn't even finish it myself, neither did she.
After a few bites, then she threw it away!
So sad... Will remember this forever.

Candies can also lead to unwanted rumors.
One of my friend, innocently got humors
spreading through out the whole school
just because a guy gave her M&M's.
Poor thing. When that M&M is for her sister, actually.
Pity her... Even though after we know the truth,
the humor continues to spread. *blink*

Last Tuesday, my mum, her friend and I
went to the airport.
Guess what?? I saw XXXL-sized Chupa Chups!
It was huge!! I walked forward,
and felt the Chupa Chups. They whole thing was candy.
Who on Earth could finish it?
If yes also, the tongue must be really swollen
and that person will be very fat!

Moral value-
do not get addicted to candies!
Chocolate is on exception list.

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Hair issues!

Some people just have no sense of life.
They cut the same "mushroom head"
every single moment in their life.
You will never see that person change their hairstyle.
From the first day till today,
I have never see her change her hairstyle.
What's wrong with her??

Judging by her appearances,
she looks like a goody-goody student
that most of the time being loved by the teachers.
For those who keep long hair,
we leave out some hair at the sides
with our fringe so that we don't look round.

But school teachers are just so......!!
They keep asking us to clip it to the back.
They say that we look much nicer that way,
but it's just jealousy, from my opinion.
As Islamic are not allowed to show their hair,
and they are required to hide it all up under a scarf.
So maybe, just maybe...
because they can't expose themselves,
they want us to join their tribe!
Ewww!!!! So not joining them.

I just cut my hair recently, and I couldn't
tie up my hair all up, so I just let it down.
Most of my friends said that I look better that way.
When it comes to teachers,
"Big girl already hor, hair got fashion already."
I started my year with bob, now layered.
"ahem.. Your hair is too long. Go tie your hair."
After tying....
"ahem.. Clip your hair up. Looks messy."
layered la, what do you expect?

What's your story?

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Fat people smells

Ever realize that when you walk by
a XXL size person, you tend to suffocate?
Not to mention that they also sweat a lot too.
I wonder how their family members
live with them and survive in the same time.
Hmmm.... I wonder~

I happen to know this girl when i was in primary school.
My class teacher made me sit beside her.
I was like "Ewwww~~!!"
Almost everyone in my class know that she STINKS!
I remembered it like it was just yesterday...
Every time she touches anything
or any part of my table,
I will draw a line to show that that spot has been contaminated.

Most of us agreed that she smells
worse than the rubbish car/lorry.
Imagine that! Eww..! Gross!
Now she and I are in the same school,
but thankfully that we are not sharing the same class.
I can still smell her from my house.
Just a few days ago,
I passed by her. Eww!! Same gross smell~

Does she know that there is a thing
called deodorant in this world??!
Wonder if she is really that poor
that she couldn't even buy it?
Owh yeah, she is FAT too!
Around the same height as me when grade 5.
Now? Of cause she is shorter than me!
Muahahahahaha!!! (evil version no. 2)

From that experience onwards,
most of the time I pass by a fat person,
it will remind me of her..... smell.
Just imagine.... I shall leave this all to yourself.
Share with me your experience.

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A simple intro

People always ask me questions,
mostly on homework,
since that I'm still a school student.
Then somehow, someway,
I feel like they treat me like a
sophisticated, know-it-all person
by making me feel like an encyclopedia.
This inspired me to put my blogs title
as "I am not 天才" .

My full complete name is Michelle Ong Yuexin.
My friends know me as Michelle.
Some even called me Apple. *wondering*
I come from a simple family,
I have a mum n a dad like most of you out there,
and clearly my mum is a pretty lady that I resemble to,
my dad is a not very outstanding person.
I have a younger brother,
and I can never get to be the boss of my younger brother,
(weirdly, I'm not sure why myself).
I love Stephinine (ste-funny), my shih-tzu.
Please do be careful when you step back,
cause she normally sits right behind you
and you might get her "flat" by stepping on her.
(no wonder she gets dirty/stinky easily)

Not to mention that I hate exams!
Feel like strangling the person who started it.
Unfortunately, that particular person had long died.
Such unlucky people like me is suffering from
exam preparations for my coming PMR.

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