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so sad..
cuz i think im manipulating another victim
why can't i just stop it earlier??????!!!
i just dislike the way i treat them
i nver thought of changing myself
but now... maybe i should
or not~ cuz this year i "fan tai sui"
which means my chinese zodiac offended Tai Sui, a God
and im not supposed to have a smooth year w/o working on it

in some times, i will feel that my whole day is so god damn sweet and smooth
nothing bad happened to me
but on some other days, it's just giving me a bad time
also known as a bad day
mine today, i dun dare to say bad, smooth nor neutral
the word that i can describe it is BALANCED

you see, i started with a late day, i woke up late w/o noticing Lucifer was played
ehen it was CN blue's love, the first thing popped out of my mind was
and yet, i WAS late
6.43am written on the small corner in my handphone screen
tiring laa!!
i washed my hair, sabu-ed my whole body
mandi wif cold water, obviously
then i just pack whatever i remember to pack
when i go downstairs,
no breakfast, WTH??!!
so i sapu PB&J on 3 pieces of bread
1 ate instantly the other 2 i ate between S and BI class
huuuuu~ it was scary when Ms Kauthar came in
cuz i ate half way nia
my tummy's froggie croaked during perhimpunan
and i cnt eat during sivik
cuz tcher full time gaaaap us

recess i had a bad time
i wanted to buy smth from koop
but the "friendly" Fira had some problem wif me that idk
he cursed me that when i wanna buy, the koop will be closed
sad ay?
yah i know.. very sad indeed

after school, before add math's additional class..
i talked with Matthew and Firdaus gang
i talked bad at Fatah
OMG!! i was having so much fun w/o the intention to talk to so many ppl others than Matthew
and just now,  (night) i told Fatah that i've been bitching him from his behind
he got really mad until he became crazy and keep telling me that he's fine
i dun belief
but he's just too convincing
idk why i trust him > <
really, i tried to tell him that i'm not the type he can tahan
idk laa.. he very sticky, if you know what i mean
he never show that he's working very hard to understand me
but we just don't click
which is sadd

in my case, i think that
rumours will only start when X does something irritating to Y
and Y already told X, but X still remains the same w/o changing much
resulting making Y so angry, but can't talk to X anymore
cuz Y knows that X will not change

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