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K luu..

dun steal then dun steal lu..
i'll take then 

if liddat also cnt then u can always step back
tell xian, me no rugi..

u decide~

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rail~ train~ rail~ train~ rail~ train~


Marvelous day!
tiring too
but very satisfying~~

it's just a day away from exam 
Monday got exam neh~
but nvm~~
BM and BI nia~

Last night's dinner
I swallowed my saliva
ok.. maybe a few more gulps
I finally got  the courage to tell my parents
that I really need to make a trip to KLCC
it's my 1st time going out alone
Mid Valley many time jor
but KLCC??
never before

so at night i very usaha find many many friends see if they could go
but seems like none of em
until................ Starry replied me!!!
I didn't believe my eyes!
Is it really the Starry that I miss so God damn much??
Oops! It’s him~

He said that he would be going to KL around 4
So I asked him to meet up with me
Dinner together.. *slurrrp*
Slept early that night
Woke up at 5.30 thanks to alarm x.X

On Sunday morning,
I went to mum’s room
To get………………. $$ Vitamin M
She gave both Bryan and I each RM50 transport + tabemono
Shiok neh~

First stop !!
Mid Valley
Hehe~~ cuz  I wanna buy the instant jelly sushi
Cuz in the video spread in fb very the temptating
Cannot tahan jor
Go buy!!
I went down the KTM then head to the shop
But dun hef T_T
So I went to cinema
Bought movie ticket RM12
Poppy and 100 plussy RM 7
Not that scary laa
Just got boobies, that’s why 18+

I went to the PC expo later on
I saw Kenneth from driving school xD
When he talk to me,
He said “Dun give up on driving, I wouldn’t want a GF that cannot drive me home if I get drunk”
He sound like he likes me 0.0”
Am I just thinking too much??
I still thinks that he likes meee~~ ,,n_n,,

And so I took my lunch at Gardenssssss <3
Nasi Lemakkk!!!
RM 18  shiuuuuu~~~ fly away jor
Full full~~

Then I walk to KTM!
Waiting for the train to come.. .. .. .. ..
Meanwhile, I sat on the floor like everyone did
Stuffed my earpiece into my ears
Hands holding 5 pieces of laminated paper
The Moral Defi’sss~

So the KTM arrived
I walked to the KTM like I’m not in a rush
People behind me pushed me closer and closer to the door
And guess what
I was the last to enter >3<
Lucky me

When I reach KL Sentral
I was like WOW!!!!
Looks like airport!!! xD
Seriously =.=
The only flaw is they dun hef the big tiangs with speaker

Then I waited for LRT
Not much ppl in there
And the seats most ppl dun sit on it
They stand!
I sat of cuz
Me is not a KL leng luii xD

I was so damn excited and smiling wif myself and kept repeating in my mind
“I’m at KLCC!!!” all by myself
Seems like I survived
Went to the directory
Searched under K
Found! Kinokuniya
Went searching for the Japanese corner
I spent an hour there! WOW!!
Part of it is finding a story book for me
A dictionary
And a learning book
And most of it is while waiting for Starry

He actually reached at 6pm
Which was a shock to me
He told me he’s at the fountain
So farrr???!!!
So I told him to not search for me but go to the LRT station

He sent me a message “Hai”
Then I turned around, he was there!!!
My goshh!!
I was really close to hug him tightly and kiss him
But nothing happened
Cuz he was sweating and he’s tired
I offered him one fo my handky
Since that I brought 4 of em
We went home together
It’s was the best moment when we got into the less people’s KTM after the LRT
The down side is that I had to always line up wif him and buy the ticket

Starry knows so much about Monorail, KTM and LRT
the only line that i could repeat is
"you are so good, i should stick more to you"

I fell down onto the tar road on my way back
It’s painful, yet sweet
And yes, the bruise is still here

I hope to have more chances to go out with Starry =)

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