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internet names

i had been changing my name on the net for quite amount of time
it started with p0pkon for my 1st email address
which now is totally pooffed, cannot use
haha.. by thinking of it no is so funny and useless..

then michelle, my name xD
since my mum's name is Jennifer Tang Mee Yen,
she gave herself this name  ---- JenTMY
get it?? jen for jennifer, TMY  for abbreviation of her chinese name
therefore, i call myself Micoy
get it??
Mic for michelle OY for abbreviation of my chinese name

then mayllan
Mayl and Lan from megaman, if you know

berryapplejuice was final..

now i start to use my pet's name
or stanlee
or i combine as staphstan


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I was born to tell you I love you

very nice song frm secondhand serenade

i know this song from Renee, my cousin's roommate which is now my friend
and also a crush.. xD
let's see how long will he last =)

everytime Renee comes over to my place
he surely will grab onto any guitar and start plucking this song
the melody got stuck in my head
idk the lyrics, idk the title

then just now i was looking into the posts that i followed..
i just realise LALA likes the song too <3
i know... the song is awesome!!

after getting to know the song title,
i clicked the ultimate guitar icon in my phone
realiing the song isnt hard
and it just repeats and repeats
something like Canon music

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why arh??

why u block me???

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needs something inspiring

that lasts longer than u think it will

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u dunno



很奇怪的 taste


大家的 quote 都写——做自己 be yourself

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SB is something bad

u enuf jor mou???!!!
SB..!!! ya i talking bad at you now..
who ask u to say liddat
so what if u dun like me??!!
u dun even care about other HUMAN
still claiming yrself as a person who has a religion aa??!!
well, i dun see yr faith in God
finish story!!
you Fuzed Milo
i wish you have longer life!!!
until u take back what you've said

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4D3N at cameron

Maggi Xtra Delicious’s Singapore Laksa, a very uncommon cup noodle sold in Malaysia
Super hard to find...!!
I can describe briefly about the difficulties I faced,
as you can see.. there are a few supermarkets and 7-Elevens near my house
But none of them sell this expensive rare RM2.99 cup noodle
until I went to Jusco Cheras Selatan,
That day I bought 2 of em..
Just so that i can bring it to Cameron
how la I know..
he like, she like, they like, I like
Liddat lor…
Many ppl cheong that freaking cup noodle

So tonight.. or shall I say ytd night,
As long as it is Monday night laaa
Ahh.. I go make that freaking rare cup noodle lor…
Mana taw.. my “BELOVED” brother
He la..
Go add meatballs into my cup noodle
SPOIL the taste
Im very stubborn when it comes to food…
I very much prefer eating it w/o any additional STUFFS

For example,
When I comes to Curly Fries, marinated chicken,
Or even McD’s burger
I don’t add any sauce
Not even tomato sauce..
Unless it’s freaking hot, then I’ll use the sauce to reduce the heat
So that it’s easier to eat =)
not so hot mah…
I dun wanna get ulcer
I don’t add these stuffs is because
I dun wanna spoil the effort of the person who prepares the food
And also the person who created the flavour,
the person who puts in so much time and effort in marinating food
Appreciate their effort..
Who knows how much time did it take for them to create this recipe
Im a very good person xD

Today I really angry…!!!
Angry at what?
no one stand on my side
They say it’s my fault
if im really that bad aa..
I wun pass my “contaminated” to my mum la..
I just pour on my bro
Who ask him no ask my permission then put in the meat(pork) balls ???!!!!
if he did ask me,
I would just get a bowl to place his meatballs
Why you no ask me jjjet?? Haaaaa???!!!!
because of this, I got scoldings frm my dad
Ask me to just throw away everything
Since that I “said” not nice to eat maaaah!!!!!
This cup noodle very hard to find one lehh
Not cheap also
After that you say IDK how hard is it to earn money
Yet you asked me to throw all of em mahh
Talk = no talk dao
why not dun talk
Not my fault also wad…
All start from my bro’s meatballs

FUUUUUUcK you very much!!! 

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zen zen zen

i wan zen tiu fat jor..
too long..
ma fuan dao si ><
i very lazy to take care of my hair jor..
thinking of cutting like Clair initially
but after watching "y're the apple of my eye",
i very much wish to cut SJY's hair
looks easier to maintain
Clair's need to blow, wax, dye, curl
but SJY's.... nothing.. just blow abit, comb, tie up

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it's not my fault

not me that take the cloth geh!!!!!!!!
kakak take geh!!!!!
why u go scold me????!!!!!
i very unhappy
liddat fitnah me also can!!!!!


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