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Sky - cloud


they are emotions
their mood changes
when i gaze upon the sky
just to see the clouds floating in the sky
it's like my reflection

when two clouds kissed
sparks can be seen.
after that,
a storm will be blown in.
but i know,
every storm ends with a
rainbow in the sky,
sun shining brightly,
I can see my white cloud again!

i looked up,
i see no white clouds,
i stared at a
grey, pale, moodless sky
i worry.
i'm afraid!

oh wind,
please don't blow my white cloud away!

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You'd better not bug me

i'm warning you!
dont get to close to him
if u tell me to do that,
im sure that i will get even closer
and it just happened.

i told my mum i wanna learn ballet,
she let me learn.
then a few weeks later i got bored,
i quit ballet.
few years later,
i told my mum i wanna learn piano,
she said no.
in the end she let me learn,
then a few months later,
i quit piano class.
and im very sure that one fine day,
i will tell my mum
i wanna learn violin,
she'll say no..nono..nonono..
then i dunno.
we'll see how long it last arh~~

i just realised that
i am truly an aquarius
we aquariuses change rapidly
i can like piano, violin,
and others at the same time.
just like how i handle a relationship
i can be loyal
but loyal to a lot of people.

sometimes i do hate myself so badly!
cuz everytime i get frustrated or stressed up,
i will scratch the wall.
had always been like that.
then i wud be getting scoldings

i dun like the life that im having now.
i tried to maintain my relationship with him.
yet he wanted
almost everything that i couldn't give.
it's like he can read my mind,
it's like he knows every weakness of mine.
it's so easy for him to seduce me.
he is a big influence in me.

every step im taking,
i need to be alert.
once i take a wrong step,
the whole jenga will collapse
just like that *snap*
it's not like i wan it to be liddat
but it just happens naturally.
everyone tells me that
both of us look good together,
i had good taste,
he was the lucky one,
i was the lucky one.

like what i said,
i am loyal.....to alot of people.

and that caused me
big times, big times...!!!!

i'm now into diabolo.
it's and i want it
to be part of my life.
errr..!!! this is crazy!!
im writing this post as if
it is my diary
nvm, i keep most of my stories abstractly~
cuz if i dun do that,
im quite sure that there will be a big quarrel
after my readers read.
it's very clear though ><"

i would really like to scream out loud now!!!
i would really like to strangle
those people who are making
the matter worse.
how'd i wish i can shout out
all of the filthy, impolite, bombastic
crazy words that i know.

nevermind, i have my
diabolo practice tomorrow.
i hope that i can release all my
frustration, anger......
during my pratice.
this is killing me lah~
i got no mood to convert all of this
into an abstract post like my old ones

im sorry that i've caused troubles
to all of u that involves me.
i know some of u wun accept my apology,
and i dun expect that u will forgive me.


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My Love

At Brisbane airport.





p/s ::
i've checked on the Google's translated version
it's not exactly my expressions,
but for some of you readers
more or less can still catch what im trying to say.

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taking everything to a whole new level

i was digging a hole

i fell into it
i found out that there were
3 of us
me, myself and i
stuck in there

it was dark, scary
creepy crawlies were there to
accompany us

it will be my most hatred place to be

it all started when
i let myself go
it was fun for the moment
but when it comes to the consequences,
i had been thinking a lot lately
is this right? is this wrong?

i just done it
and now i feel guilty

i was told that it vanished
but instinct told me no

i laughed at myself
for the moment

this is crazy!!~
i just did something that
i shouldn't have done it
in the first place
now the issue is bothering me

i wished that it never happened
and i did not do such a stupid thing
it was stupid enough because
even a small little girl would know
that it was dangerous

out of a million,
i was the chosen one
this task is not easy
i can only do this by myself
not even guidance is allowed

i'm taking everything to a whole new level!

i am doing whatever that
can be done to help me
get out of the hole i dug

i can see the bright blue sky
i can see clouds
i can see....... illusion!

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it been quite a hard time for me

so packed up

my sky,
i was so close to it,
but i just couldn't reach it

i wanted everything
i admit i am greedy
i wanted the everything to be mine
all mine!

i was in deep trouble.
i almost lost my sky,
my everything

it felt bad

i don't want to repeat it
but history repeats itself

im facing a challenge now
like i said,
history is reapeating itself

im worried
im scared
i might get hurt
i might lose my whole sky

this is happening so fast!
the steps im following is just to fast for me
i will fall
i will get bruises
i might just get myself into
a hospital
or even worse,

this is hard.
there will be no one to
help me,
support me,
be with me

i want to get back into
my fantasy
my dreamland
my own world

where everything goes according to
what i want
what i need
what i wish

i would really appreciate if
i could start over all of these

my sky means a lot to me
my sky is the one
that made me strong enough to
survive till now n then

if you hear me dear,
i just want to tell you
that i love you

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straight for 3 days are my loved ones' birthdays.

14 march was faiz's.
15 march was my darling fi's.
16 march is my dear ccw's.

so buzy..
i just came back from camp.
it wasn't as fun as i expected.
myb it's because of my knee that was hurting again
if i had join the activities,
it would have been such an experience!
the war game wasn't very interesting,
but the rivier tracking sure made me drool.

lots of people got bruises frm river tracking.
i didn't get any
but instead,
i got 8 mosquito bites,
and 1 bee sting.
damn painful!!! and itchy~

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So... What do you wanna know? http://formspring.me/micapple

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