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Ending the road of University of Nottingham

I've just handed up my dissertation two weeks ago. It was such a relief. But, I am still stuck at Tessa's Public Sphere essay, and here I am creating free content as a free labour. This university's approach on media studies and PR studies are really odd if compared with the other cheaper private universities around the Klang Valley.

After that essay, I will be going on a brain break to Osaka, Japan. It will be so much fun and guilt. I will be going to USJ again, and take advantage of the Express pass which I made my waipo bought out of the selfish id. (Sigh) Besides that, I will also be going back to Kobe town to fetch my mum some Wagyu. Yummy beef. More to that is the summer in Kyoto. I am now deciding on renting a yukata or bringing mine. The rental price is roughly around 6000 Yen. Ouch.

So, after the trip, I might be looking for a job, earn some money during my free days. I am applying to go for an exchange programme to Japan. Shiga University had recently become an option for us to go to Japan as an exchange student. This is another costly experience. If only I get through the interview, I shall go. I really do hope so that I could.

After learning about Marxism, I begin to be able to apply his theories today. There is so much commodification today, especially with my encounters on Japanese trips. The ability to buy time and experiences with money is so obvious. Even my degree is a commodity, by paying for a prestigious name on my degree is the proof. Singapore doesn't seem so like to hire students from my university, though.

I should get back to my essay.

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I'm Speechless

I feel so bad

Everything went so well and bad at the same time
I bought the Express Pass for Universal Studios Japan
It was freaking expensive, but the queue was so not worth it
If an RM700 ticket is going to get me on 8 rides in a day,
I would be so damn happy
I was selfish, I know, Id was speaking so loud

The last time I went to USJ and I was reluctant to get the Express Pass because it was EXPENSIVE
I thought it was not worth it, but I was wrong
That full price ticket only got me onto 2 rides and 1 attraction
The queue was crazy
But then again, if I had gotten the ticket, 2 rides were wasted

This time, I am so going to get onto the Backdrop and Harry Potter rides
Ok... maybe I was wrong to get the one that offers the most rides
RM37 for a ride on top of a full price ticket is ridiculous
I am feeling so so bad
Should I fork it out myself...?

What was I thinking....
oh yeah... grandma said she would pay for us if we wanted the Express
but it's waipo that is paying, said mum
This is the part where it scared me

I tried to show the cost of it, but......... the website was tricky
the showed entrance ticket and express ticket on different columns
and no show of the total
mum was shocked to learn that it was +22,000 and not =22,000
I feel bad
I wondered if there was another way to fulfill my Id and SuperEgo
Ego..... help me 
I need a way to fulfill both of my Id and Superego
Superego is killing me now
I shall just cry my sorrows...

Maybe, just maybe
If I told mum about the price...
she might have stopped me, might
the things that I have missed out on the previous trip...
RM700 x 2, you better make my bro and I get what we are worth

rides rides rides..... Craving for rides....

In the meantime,
Japan theme parks, you and your 200 minutes wait
I hope your overpopulation problem gets solved naturally soon

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