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I dun really like the idea of polygamy.

I just dun like to see people having
2 or more wives at a time,
not even after the first wife dies,
n getting another wife.
especially for those who already have kids.

i dun get it. what's the point??
u decide to get married to the one you love,
then u get another one that u think you love.
this is going no where.
im serious.

to me, this is just rubbish!

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hmm.. never realize that life could be so hard.

i'm tired, both physically and mentally.

if i can,
i would really like to escape from this world
for a short period.
i would want to breathe in some nice clean air.
i would love to sleep all day and night.
i would be day dreaming all day long.

stress in slowly fulfilling my life,
as i'm going to face something big in a year time.
never like big surprises.
small ones are nice, not big ones.

i'm a failure, am i??

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