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Sterling the pup

i admit
it was my fault
i dropped the pup
i know!
dun hef to scold me anymore
i feel the guilt already

Sterling, pls forgive me..
i didn't know it would end this way
= (
sorry Sterling
i didn't mean to murder you

dad talked to me abt this..
neither any of them know that i dropped Sterling
i'm so so so so damn sorry~
my fault
my bad
my guilt

i'm really sorry to kill you by mistake
i'm sorry that i didn't take care of you in time
all of this happen because i was playful
i fed you on the couch
and recklessly let you drop onto the floor
my mistake

i've killed an innocent life
i'm the murderer
i'm the guilty one
i deserve to be punished = (

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= )

172cm 呢!

我现在终于开窍了= )
= )


  1. 不容易被人 gaap 到 
  2. 能望到远处
  3. 招徕人家羡慕的眼光
  4. 可以拥有修长的美腿
  5. 不用受穿高跟鞋的痛苦
  6. 可以趁机订做裤子之类的
  7. 跌倒了有借口
  8. 有坏女人的气息
  9. 选美比较容易赢!~
  10. …………

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Momo 欢乐谷

才不管是不是豔陽天 彩虹永遠像一張笑臉
掛在天空永遠陪著我 天天到MOMO歡樂谷裡頭

爸比媽咪來來陪陪我 勾勾手到這裡走走
MOMO MOMO歌聲它跟著我走

煩惱烏雲別飛過來 叫它走開
感動悲傷別藏起來 把心門打開

要一起跳舞high起來 有我陪伴
快樂童年填上色彩 OH~ 不能重來


这首歌对我来说 很特别
= )
黑girl 的成员之一
后来转去 momo 幼儿台


kakak 在星期二会回来
我是不是很聪明呢? =)
我会脸红的 ,,>.<,,



我不能去 T_T
可惜我不会驾车 =/


今天下午我煮了 cabonara
因为 fettuccine 剩下一点而已
which is why 我拿 angel hair 来代替
我没吃 = )

cereal + goodday 牛奶
吃 3 轮


= )

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mid autumn festival

paper lantern hanging on tree and plants
like Christmas tree!
but chinese version
 i thought i will not have chance to play with them this year
but miracles do happen
im now at qq's house playing with tanglung
and eating
i love you food!!
especially their jelly
its fantastic
the sugar... just nice!
not sweet but still sweet
dk laaa
just nice la~
<3 <3 <3
qq's camera got prob
cnt function at optimum
too badd

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my kind of guy

Now, here's what you're supposed to do, and please DO NOT spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 20 of your friends including the person that tagged you here in Facebook to answer this. Then see what happens.

if you're a guy - post this as "my kind of girl"
if you're a girl - post it as "my kind of guy"
to whichever gender you prefer, really.

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
yah yah~ =) 

2. Smart?
can interpret my alien language can ad

3. Preferred age?
-1 my age +3

4. Preferred height?
taller than me even when im wearing heels =D

5. How about sense of humour?
yes!! cold jokes is also fine

6. How about piercings?
 deff no!

7. Accepts you for who you are?
yes and no 0.o

8. Pink hair?
just a hint is cute n_n

9. Mushy or no?
80% MUSHEEEE <3 <3 <3

10. Thin or fat?
in between. can match me geh.. slightly muscular will be better

11. Black, Brown, Yellow or White (skin color)?
tanned or shall i say roasted
the sunny beach boy type

12. Long hair or short hair?
lil long is ok and must be clean

13. Plastic or metal?
- dk wad to write -

14. Smells good?
no smell to smells good
no stinkos pls

15. Smoker?
deff no!!!

16. Drinker?
yes - can help me drink up
no - dun come to me drunk

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?
will consider

18. Muscular?
slightly will do

19. Plays piano?
yah3~ can duet wif me =)

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar
guitar!!! romantic maa  

21. Plays violin?
Fadzly?? hahaz
neh~ violin is for sad songs (in my opinion)

22. Sings very well?
it doesn't bother me
just willing to sing to me will do great

23. Vain?
dun show me your ugly vains PLSSSS

24. With glasses?
yes!! <3 specky types

25. With braces?
i wore it b4 too.. so i dun really care??

26. Shy type?
must be able to help me talk when i hef prob

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
slightly badd. not until support me run away frm house

28. Active or passive?

29. Tight or bomb?
what's this?

30. Singer or dancer?
no ballet arh~
singer with no fans to steal you frm me

31. Stunner?
a stunner when i'm around
lets go bungee!!

32. Hiphop?
dun fall =S

33. Earrings?
neh.. dun like =)

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?

35. Dimples?
deep ones. on both sides of the cheek =j

36. Bookworm?
no thanks

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?
more.. <3 n_n

38. Playful?
when with me =)

39. Flirt?
just to prove that he has market

40. Poem writer?
love poem abt me, yes

41. Serious?
doesn't matter
too serious is no good cuz you tend to be sensitive

42. Campus crush?
does that mean we can go school together? 
then yes

43. Painter?
help me complete my wall painting =)

44. Religious?
not too much
just going to church is fine

45. Someone who likes to tease people?
only when i'm in good mood 

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
it's fine to me =)
just no ran on9 (i very pantang this)

47. Speaks 20 languages?
mind teaching me some?
we can go vacation anywhere in the world now =)

48. Loyal or faithful?
i only want attention
but got both will be good laa

49. Good kisser?
yes yes yes~ ,,n_n,,

50. Loves children?
i dun have the urge of having babies
btw, help me take care of stephy n stacy can mah?

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new laptop or old laptop

mum told me that my great uncle wud wan my laptop
i was convinced to give out my laptop
but inside got adobe photoshop
i like it very much!!! i like to edit
online editing SUCKS!!!!
and i stick the KB stickers until leng2 ad
laopo buy for me geh~ T_T
mummy say dun cabut wor...
ok lor
guai2 ting hua
i just finished transferred my data to the backup disk
=) i asked mum if i could get some money for my laptop...
but then.. mum's getting a new lappy
and she will pass to me her pinky to me
but..... but.... but.......
wu wu~
my beloved..
then i thought... this laptop is already 4 years old
norm laptop can last 5 yr max
so i wud lose adobe eventually
then the kb stickers can buy again..
but the memories...
unforgettable sweet memories with both of them
sobx sobx sobx

now waiting for pinky's data to be trans to asus (new laptop)
then that day i shall give T_T
"my" acer away
so sadddd!!!~
i could happen to need a shoulder now

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一直被人 ngaam
还敢讲我们是朋友 =="
我在打 “™” 的时候我才发现到你的
"Bubbled by......."
可是你一而再,再而三地偷我的 quote
ok.. 你讲你没有偷, 是你的idea
可是我自问before 你开新blog
我就已经使用着 Bubble 这个主题了
题材是from 我的 bubble blower 的季节


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new life, new leaf

when i love you,
you dun appreciate,
when i dun love you,
you come back begging me...

vice versa


realising things wud happen again
history repeats itself

i loved you so damn much,
but you wanna break up so damn much...
now regret ad lor
chasing back time
but i dun love you anymore
so no use ad
sorry la harr


i myself think that sky gonna fall soon
so, chop down the acorn and apple trees
and start counting down


i feel like im really into j-pop
i keep downloading j-pop
while the others are busy with kpop
i dun get it, what is so nice abt kpop
weird peoples.....

in two years time,
i wud be having chances of going to Japan
as a matter a fact,
i wud also need to improve my Japanese fast
yay! an excuse to play shiritori games


chemistry folio is killing me!!!
my friend only used 14 A4 papers
and now i've reached my 21st paper
and i'm no where near finish
havent even touch alloy
i'm like...
how did she manage to complete it with only 14 sheets
back and forward maybe...
neeh... if yes then i wud be way after alloy ad
then i opened my text book for certain reason that i've forgotten
i realize that by using the text book,
i really dun hef to write so many rows
cheat.. but tcher allow wor... hik3


oh! and if you realised,
i've changes my template and also removed my song player

i got an obsession of cupcakes recently,
i just cant resist the cuteness of cupcakes these days
especially the themed ones..
too cute that you are resisting yourself from eating it
never bought
never received one though


and here's sth for you cuppy,
be tough, be strong,
you will pass the all "tests" with distinction
i'll pray for that to happen
i dun hate chocolate anymore
i got over it
i can see that yr angel and you
are experiencing life in a whole diff lvl
now it's like the storm during the rain,
but it ends with a chance of seeing a rainbow,
or even 2 rainbows.

(nvr seen b4..
but if you happen to see it,
can take pic and post on fb maa??)

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hik3 ,,n_n,,


sot2 ad

today miracle happen oz
so so so happy..

he finally talked to me
now still zak2 tiao den

i went tuition today..
drizzling (shiu shiu shiu)
i tot ais no come geh..
i was deciding to go or no go,
she say she go,
so i also go...

i bought cool blog <3 yum
went upstairs after see nic go up
cuz up there hot maa
nic brought umbrella
got ppl brought same one as him
from unit penyakit geh
he say he stole it
can belief meh?
(i dun belief)

then i saw rambutan
he normally come late geh..
but today surprisingly come early wor
very early summore (for him)

ais bring food today...
biskit.. (oat crunch laa)
she say it was her breakfast wor
i told her, brunch sounds better

then the person sitting bside nic was a TREE
he triped and fell
mr phoon made fun of him
saying that tall ppl hef lower stability
and he short (which is good cuz wun fall easily)
kesian him, kesian tall ppl

ooh... almost 4gt
hehe... bread
today he talked to me
he asked for ais and my name = ="
he also asked my name is Kaitlynn or Michelle
then i showed them my keychain
Kaitlynn 1st, then Michelle
they made fun of my name (michelle) =/
but it's alright
michael, michelle, michelin...
ernest say call me milo fuze wor~
bread say call me miss eraser,
cuz the 1st time i got his intention is by the batt operated eraser
hahax ty eraser

bread for 1st time online fb oh~
i say i 1st time see
he say cuz dun wan ppl disturb him,
so display as offline
i also come to know that he love numbers..
addmath was challenging enuf for him
math was soso~
chem is also one of his fav
(then why come for phy tuition?)
hmm... i wonder~

molo i going sunway lagoon laa..
buai buai~~

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Liar Liar Liar!!!!!

I'm the liar
"im ok" is a lie

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new life??? dun think so..

got no one  to let me piss off very no xi guan

no like no like no like  T_T

nvm tuesday going to sunway lagoon jor...
gonna see hai hwei and joyce <3 <3 <3

going wif jie jie, soh soh, gor gor
shawn, brendon, benjamin, owie they all

like like like b n_n d


these days very bored
feel like ending my life,
but i not yet reach my ambition to be a tooth fairy yet
oh yea
i changed my ambition from being
the person who flips roti canai at mamak stall
to become
a tooth fairy <3
gonna get my flying licience soon

like like like

today went for dinner wif coux they all
i asked yiyi where did the idea of going to sunway lagoon came from
she told me cuz i kept posting on FB that i will be going
to sunway on 7th sept
which is a FACT
cuz starting i wanted to make my 3G reunion there
but seems like my classmates got
trans, water, money, agreement......... probs
sorry ya~
going to SL was never my idea,
cuz i know got water
surely big2 no, haha

yiyi also said that she talked to brendon when they were at PD
saying that one tuesday, they wil go SL
and happening on follong week
YAY~~ <3 <3 <3

oh yea~
raya is just around the corner
which also means that kakak is leaving T_T
leaving to indo for 3 full weeks
sob sob
i'll miss her
bt nvm laa......
2 weeks she go there, 2 weeks i cuti
wa wa wa wa wa wa


laopo~ i miss you
when i go to malacca,
i wan date wif eu again <3


at this week,
i got new mummy, daddy, nenek

mummy - ilmi ros nabilah
nenek - aishahtul badariah
daddy - milo [he_he]

mummy very tall~ <3
nenek facing negative growth ad
cham lo..... ko lien nenek
daddy?? kantoi got other girl he love [miss M]
good for daddy

p/s :: daddy and mummy dk each other,
i xiong kai on other place and time
conclusion, they not married at all



today i also made new friend
she name, miss C
bb like [love] her berry much
i happy for bb
they suit la~
lang cai nv mao
bb finally wana stop wandering world ad
i happy for them
miss C berry good person
i see miss C make bb happy everyday
bb lucky~ got miss C take care
i wan say good luck to bb on taking care of this relationship
[cuz bb will need it]


i hope you readers hef good day
enjoy life while you can yarr
i wan go day dream d

buai buai  

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obento song

kore kurai no
obento bako ni
onigiri onigiri
choitto tsumete

kizami shouga ni
goma shio futte (or goma furikakette)
ninjin san
sakuranbo san
shiitake san
gobo san

ana no aita renkon san
suji no touta fuuki

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Answer here

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